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Pascale de Fouchier


I am a French-American architect with a passion for everything that is beautiful. If it is delicate, cozy, accessible, harmonious and customized, I am all in.

I grew up in Paris where I developed an eye for sophistication and a thirst for culture.  

After holding the distinguished diploma from l’Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture with the honorable mention "Best Project of the Year", I worked with different firms and teamed-up with my French dad (an architect himself) for many years and before starting my own architecture practice.

For 15 years I remodeled houses and condos in Paris, renovated houses in the countryside and worked with broad range of clients, including Americans renovating their French pied-à-terre.

In 2016, life brought me to relocate to Baltimore, where I currently live with my husband and 3 "adorable" children, allowing me to embrace my American heritage. 

Growing up bi-cultural has enriched my vision of the world and allows me to marry French sensitivity with American efficacy in my practice today.


I am truly excited to share with my clients what I love doing most:

I listen,

I craft,

I organize.

I am here for you.

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