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An Interior Design Boutique Studio

At the core of my practice lays the desire to enhance all of ones senses.

 Materials that feels, lights that cast shadows and carve space, textures that resonate, surfaces that host and smell like home.

All senses are at the core of my design choices.   

Projecting ourselves in a new home is fabulous,

but there is what we dream of, and what is technically and financially achievable. Pascale had perfectly understood what I wanted and brought my vision to life. She is passionate with what she does. I am sincerely so happy of the result!

With her sharp eye and aesthetics, Pascale was able to give me clear directions in redecorating my apartment. Her  beautiful mood boards and decks, filled with colors and textures, fitted both my personality and budget. I especially appreciated how she was able to strategically pick a key fixture that would suffice to enhance a whole room. 

Pascale has been the best ally along the way my apartment renovation.  She was able to tactfully accompany me every steps of the way, listening to my desires, helping with decision making and offering solutions. Her unique sensitivity along with her technical knowledge  made for a perfect match. I am  100% satisfied.

Anne T. 

Marina R.

Suzanne B.


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